Housing Rules 2016!

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Housing Rules 2016!

Post by Big Boss on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:40 pm

Housing Rules 2016!

Please read all that applies to housing, failure to read any of these rules could result in repossession of the house, or worse! and nobody wants that Mad

  • All homes must abide by the allowed build sets (you can read what the house limits are on the post)

  • If you wish to add additional tilesets to your home, you will ¬†need put in a request application. Depending on what features are allowed will determine if the application can be fulfilled, or not with a reason why

  • This also includes no portal themed houses for Fort Homes. That is: having a home leading to an exterior, leading to an interior.

  • Unless this rule should be lifted, no houses in general are allowed to have portal themes

  • Every players house is PRIVATE! that means anyone entering should abide by the house rules. That means no stealing, no desecrating, no foul play if the player says so. Anyone caught doing this will be severely punished provided with proof

  • All player house owners are allowed to set their home as a public space, that means if you wish to make a bar,inn,tavern, public shack, etc you may!

  • Each area can have up to 800 objects and 125 of them can be dynamic. A dynamic object is either a non-static placeable, a door, a trigger or a visual effect.

  • All House Exits must have the tag "MAIN_DOOR". This door will be your only door in and out of your house

  • Back doors are not allowed (and yes we will check). Anyone's house that has a backdoor will be removed. No refunds, no kidding around. No Backdoors... Period!

  • You may not put in your own items, creatures, merchants or scripts inside your home own.

  • If you wish to lock your home, please refer to the key merchants located in your nearest fort, or city

  • If you're intrested in adding any additional features (script related) please see here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ¬†

  • Anymore rules will be applied here if necessary
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