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Post by Lunatik on Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:13 am

I know... We ALL hate rules. Being told what you can and can't do.  
I am going to keep this list as SHORT n SWEET as possible. You, the players, in your in-game behavior will determine how long this list becomes. CLAIMING "IGNORANCE" OF ANY RULES IS NOT A DEFENSE!

1. Have Fun! But not at the expense of others!  This is the "Don't be a Dick" rule.

-Trolls, Griefers, and Abusive Players will find them themselves SEVERELY disciplined. There will be zero (0) tolerance for players being Asshats. (Should you experience, be witness to, this form of behavior.

Please take screenshots and send to me as soon as possible. I will investigate promptly and deal accordingly. The player(s) involved will also be informed. This will be a transparent process to any/all involved.)

1-1. Using unacceptable Character names, These include but are NOT wholly encompassing types:  Email addresses, Skype/home/cell numbers, Deeply offensive terms and names (Racial Slurs being an example)
Names of Real people (living or dead), Anything which assumes authority such as "Admin", "DM", etc..
Repetitive names: For example Bob (who is a wizard) and Bob (who is a barbarian) or having characters on both factions that possess the same or similar names (this WILL include having these types of names but on alt logins) If you see a player or character that you believe to have violated this rule, please notify DM's  via TELL or PM.  

If an Admin/DM inform you that this has occurred you are expected to comply immediately. 

- UNWANTED TELLS - You have the right to ignore tells, but if they persist and are not welcome you need to inform the player NOT to send you any more tells and document this with a screenshot (Capturing the whole exchange of tells after you tell them to stop).

- UNWANTED EMOTE-ANIMATIONS - Spamming/Repeatedly using voice emotes, bartering, Flashing (that is taking off your avatar/toon/characters clothes in public) is considered harassment to another player, and animations of any kind against a person or people can be considered harassment.

Any exchange of these occurrences should always be as consent (that means ASK before you ACT) If you say no, stop, or don't the player must abide by this rule.

- VERBAL HARASSMENT - That is.... verbally/typing out anything considered obscene, vulgar, belligerent, or even abusive words to another player. There are exceptions in that the other player/group/party should agree to before any messages may occur.

We understand that everyone has there own way of "having fun", and should be reminded to be respectful to other players here on the server. However if you're someone who is... sensitive... to harmful words then you may be too young to play here  Wink

That being said the dm staff will always handle the affair responsibly and fairly and seriously. Anyone who is caught will be promptly banned, no questions asked!

- EXCEPTIONS - This will only occur if the individual feels harassed in any manner mentioned above. If you choose to file any charges against another player (provided with proof aka SCREENSHOTS) the dm team will investigate, and take action accordingly.

2. Roleplay  Anphillia Chronicles is an Action/pvp with a healthy dose of RP, style of Server.
- That being said... IC= In Character (This is what your character says and does)
                           OOC= Out of Character (This is what the player says and does)
- We (the staff)  encourage players to roleplay IC. It adds to the experience for all. Roleplaying IC may even earn you rewards! (XP, Gold, Special Items, etc..)  

For example:
A. Gronk is a half orc race but has several levels of bard (a high Charisma character) mixed in with his barbarian classes. He has a blank Biography and never explains via IC roleplay how/why this 1/2 orc (a race not known for being pretty nor silver tongued).  So when in combat Gronk pauses to break out into Bard song...  Not very in character.

B. Gronk's brother, Bonk also a 1/2 orc, has several levels of bard mixed into his barbarian levels...  In his Biography however he states in an interesting "story" about although Daddy was an Orc, Mommy was an Elven wandering minstrel who was set upon by dear ol dad who after butchering the majority of the troupe, was charmed by mom and they had several offspring over the the years. Although Bonk did not possess the dulcimer voice of mom, he did grow to have a talent for inspiring others with chants of inspiration about those who came before them and the deeds yet to come!     ... When in groups, He uses his gift of storytelling to inspire his comrades with tales of Victory (aka his bard song) and while in combat he views an opponent that is known to be a coward and often flees from battle. (aka his Curse song).   Bonks player "emotes" just as the troops prepare for battle.  

*With a deep resonating rumble, Bonk reminds his comrades of the Great Battle of Gnishnak who strode into battle waving little more that a tree branch and defeated the Elven Host*  (bam! Bard song)

Bonk will definitely give himself the opportunity for Roleplaying Rewards in the form of XP, Gold or trinkets.

 - There are certain times where OOC activity is overlooked.  Muling.

 -As well as during Assaults (not pvp!). We encourage you to RP but OOC is   allowed due to possible tension and excitement. Perhaps keeping it in Party chat channels whenever possible.

3. RP, PvP and You.
     MINDLESS PVP - All PVP needs some RP prior to the engagement. No it does not require a long-winded exchange.  Being a 40th level Cleaven Paladin is not an excuse to attack an Axfell 18th level Blackguard on sight without warning. There needs to be some form of interaction between the characters before PvP can ensue (Exception: During Active Faction Assaults). If there's a questionable situation, you must screenshot any and all RP (Or lack thereof) leading up to the conflict.
 ****PLEASE Note: If a 40th level character from an opposing side encounters a character that is more than 5 levels lower... The characters may RP a standoff in a dungeon area (examples: Grand Forest, Hive, etc..)... If the lower level character retreats (ie: runs for their lives!), for fairness. allow them to escape unless all parties have OOOly agreed to the otherwise. However, should the lower level character choose to attack, with or without provocation then let the chips fall where they may!****
***ALSO NOTE: If you do not wish to take part in Fort Assaults or Fort Defense. You do NOT have too. However, if you enter an area that is actively being attacked.. You are a target. ***

4. +18 Age Requirement.
   This server is Rated as +18.  Due to: Possible Language, Blood, Violence, and Adult/Mature Themes. If these may offend you.. You have been warned.
       -this means: No PLAYERS under 18.... Period.  This is mostly going to be an Honour System.  We have noticed that kids usually give themselves away. They Will be Banned if necessary.
       - The creation of children, or childlike characters is NOT allowed. This includes playing smaller races as younger versions of larger races. Childish names or Bio Descriptions. Childlike  portraits. Childlike voice sets.  Sometimes, there may be child npcs for an Event. These are an exception made by staff for that Event.  Should you encounter a random child npc, please notify Staff promptly with details of date/time/location plus any other details so they can be removed.

5. The Dead
When you die, your spirit flies off to the Fugue while your half eaten, arrow riddled bashed in husk of a corpse awaits rescue/resurrection  or you respawn . if you are alone.... (ha ha you're dead!) Razz.... You can either:
A. hope some passerby finds and raises you. Although there may be in-game ICly RP consequences. (Again mutual consent via Tells is best)
B. Send an OOCly TELL to another player to rescue you. Yes, this is allowed! However the above may fall into play..
C. Respawn. There is an xp penalty for respawning (it increases as you gain levels.)
D. ***Anyone caught (red-handed or after the fact) doing anything to a Player Corpse will be (eg: putting corpse in a safe, in a trashcan, dropping it in another area or any other not funny Dick move, will be Banned.)

  Characters that have "0" values for body parts/clothing - This will be punished with immediate character deletion if any player is caught doing this.

7. Ghosting
Ghosting thru doors, walls, or objects in an effort to circumnavigate any in-game blocks or security will result in a Ban.. There is no excuse or defense.

8. ADMINs/DM Decisions are Final.

9. Please don't be an ASSHAT and force me to make more Rules.

  Please don't be an Asshat and force me to make more rules.

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Post by Big Boss on Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:37 pm

Since this seems to be an issue among some players, There is a new set of rules to Rule #1: 1-2. HARASSMENT (IC AND OOC)
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