Anphillia: "It is said..."

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Anphillia: "It is said..."

Post by Lunatik on Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:13 pm

What has past.. is lost in Time.
Although, every so often some new Sage comes forward with stories of Anphillia's past. It is believed by some... and ridiculed by others.  What is definitively known is scant, and even that has been subject to fiery debates around firesides and taverns to this day.

What is agreed upon was that many dark years have passed, with failed harvests, declining numbers of wild animals, and the bitter cold that engulfed the island chain; nearly wiping out the all life.  No one knows what vindictive deity or unknown entity allowed this to happen, but all pray that the "Beast", as he/she/it is referred too for none knew its True identity, has expired or left to torment some distant land.

It is said.. that before The Great Freeze there were 3 distinct peoples living in harmony.  The small scholarly village of Ranzington, the  gentle pastoral farmers of Cleaven, and the hardy benevolent woodsmen of Axfell.  

When the "Beast"  came, it seemed as if a new Age of Enlightenment had come to Anphillia...  wonders and miracles occurred. The Grand Druids and their allies retreated into the deepest woodland realms to trouble the three clans of Anphillia no more. The green dragons fled as the Beast brought forth mighty weapons to protect
all the lands from their scourge!

And... as the Leaders of all three clans came together for the great celebration feast... the very heavens split apart as a strange "Myst" appeared and spewed forth a  horde of creatures and beasts never before seen in the archipelago!  Horrific beasts that had many terrible powers; creatures felt no pain, twisted beasts that rip thru the strongest armours as if it were parchment,

Hundreds died during the initial invasion. Many more in the months that followed. The Cleavens unwilling to surrender, made a valiant last stand.. and paid the price for their defiance. Axfell fared only slightly better off as the days grew chillier and darker.

And then came The Great Freeze! That year, winter came.. and never left. Snow, winds and ice encased the lands of Anphillia. All contact between Ranzington, Cleaven and Axfell vanished as the roads became impassable with snow and ice and new horrors stalked the tundra. Protective armours and weapons made of iron and steel became lures to some of these Fell beasts that devoured them and the fool wearing them.. Sentries and hunting parties perished as the cold froze them in their boots as all bodily warmth bled through this now "cursed" metal.  Soon all mining and attempts to forge steel stopped as the usefulness of the substance waned in the bitter cold.

Efforts to escape Anphillia, by the many who tried, were often more perilous than staying.  The ones who could escape  did so on the last vessels til the ice floes became as treacherous as the lands.   Those lucky few that succeeded, swore to one day return to seek retribution against a common enemy. Many died in those lost seasons, some simply ventured out in the twilight snow and never returned.

The lack of actual seasons allowed the years to blur.. How many years or even decades may have passed; none know for certain.

And then one day, someone in Cleaven left the remains of their once mighty fort and found the snow and ice parted to reveal .. grass.
The lands seemed to rebound quickly as the snow melted from the ruins of Cleaven.. and they began to once again farm and rebuild.

Some wondered how their lost Axfellian brothers fared.. And what of poor Ranzington?   Old maps were quickly discarded as it became apparent that the further one went afield, the more the lands had changed. The more dangerous they had become...  It became custom to travel in numbers, the more experienced teaching the young.

And then.. One day, a small foraging party found a city.
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Re: Anphillia: "It is said..."

Post by Big Boss on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:04 pm

***Anphillia Story Continued***

After many years the factions began their war. With a few minor encounters, and skirmishes, neither side got the upper hand... both factions returned to their forts to debate about their next move and heal the wounded...

Then without any warning, from later accounts, TWO armies of such fearful power and numbers swarmed the forts simultaneously and in what seemed a heartbeat... both factions were suddenly devastated!

The loss was so great... The factions lost many of their strongest and bravest... The lowly merchants and farms uprooted, and took their families to the "safety" of Ranzington. Here they lived their lives in meager settlements controlled by noble lords, and ladies, as peasants or slaves to a new power.

When only a few of the staunchest survivors, or defenders, remained.. a dark mist crept forth like a hand from the deep woods... and all lost consciousness... then suddenly awoken on a ship bound to Ranzington slums...

This is where your story begins...
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