Ranzington Press News - Business owners comming to ranz!

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Ranzington Press News - Business owners comming to ranz!

Post by Big Boss on Tue May 24, 2016 7:50 pm

====Ranzington Press News====

"Countess enacts new law allowing sanctuary to merchant families"

In this age of plagues, monsters, and war, an act of benevolence by her highness Countess Juliana will be enacting a new law to pass, along with the support of the Merchants Guild, to allow new businesses to open for working families allover Anphillia island and free citizenship!

New shops are now open and made available in Central, in the hopes that they [families or members] (OOC: Players) will take residence, and boost ranzingtons economy.

In a statement from the head of the Merchants Guild today saying clearly: "This act of benevolence from the countess, will surely cement ranzington as a powerful state and continue to flourish in the coming years. We hope those seeking a new, better life, will open up in a variety of ways: pubs, businesses, establishments, and so much more to the city of Ranz."
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