Customized Portraits

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Customized Portraits

Post by Lunatik on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:50 pm

Customized Portraits are now available! ****This 100% OPTIONAL!***
Many of you have had some issues with an ever growing portraits folder... Now you can delete all those portraits if you like and have a server specific folder so that you can avoid nwn from crashing you any time you want to create a new character.

So this is HOW TO:

How to upload a portrait for one of your characters:

  1. Register

  2. Find an image that look like your character
  3. Convert the image into a NWN portrait
  4. Compress the 5 files created and upload them for your character

Step 1  "register" with the  ---> Use your Player Login from Anphillia. Use the same password as your AG Server. Use the same email you used to join this forum. and you are in.

Step 2   Go to Google (or wherever) to find a jpg image you like. save it.  if it has a long weird Save As String.. rename it to something simple

Step 3  I'm sorry this step requires you to go to that PC Lagging site NWN    affraid   Mad  Sleep 
           If you've never made your own nwn portraits it will explain the process which is fairly simple.

Step 4   Compress the 5 portraits ( I suggest a win rar but a zip file works as well) then return to
            portrait upload  just add your player login and password. Do not include the original jpg image! it isnt used past this point and only makes your portrait folder in nwn "heavier"

Step 5  on the left side of screen you will see a series of drop down menus.  Go to Portraits/Upload.
           This will give you a complete list of all the characters you have on that login name. 
           Go to the character you have the portrait for. Click the "Browse" button and search for the compressed files (rar, zip, etc) click the files and then click "Submit Query" in a moment the portrait should appear in the thumbnail and that portrait will appear on your character next login.

Step 5.1  Should you get an error message (that resref is already in use by another player) saying that portrait is already used.. it either means someone went to the exact same site and found the exact same jpg and used the exact same label on it and beat you to the upload stage..  you can fix that by deleting the zipped files and going back to the jpg and renaming it to something different then go back to Step 4 and you should be good.

Step 6  okay so you now have YOUR customized portrait in.. but what about other players?? No you don't have theirs... yet..  This is how to get everyone elses.
          Go back to where you uploaded your portraits. Click Potraits/Download. The next screen offers 2 choices. 1. Portraits of characters played in the last 3 days  2. Portraits updated in the last 2 weeks.  Depending on how often you do this. and then you get a zipped file which you then unzip and send to your portraits folder in nwn.

****Please Remember that Customized Portraits MUST adhere to Anphillia Rules****
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