Bards College Grand Opening

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Bards College Grand Opening

Post by Big Boss on Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:35 pm

As many may know... Ranzington has many new shops that seemingly appear out of thin air! Shocked

As was requested by her divine presence, the Countess Juliana has allowed the economy to boom as many foreign strange  merchants frolic to Ranzington to settle with new business ventures.

Among them... are the Famous Bards of Camellia... and in there great endevours, adventures, and story telling.... have opened the first ever Ranzington Bards College  Surprised

Many came to squabble, onlook, and even stand in awe of the new library inside...

Filled with all manner of books from a far away land, from fairy tales, romances, to even the basic needs a crafter would need to work a forge  Wink

These books quickly prove quite valuable to every citizen from ranzington, and its fellow neighbors.
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