Once in a while this may happen..

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Once in a while this may happen..

Post by Lunatik on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:12 pm

Every so often when you start up your anphillia.exe or sinfarx  direct connect launcher a pop up appears that says:

"You do not appear to have the latest nwncx.dll. Do you wish to install it?
                       Yes      or      No   "

Click yes!

This is merely a Server wide update that allows more functions and content to be available. If you don't then body parts may disappear, or be distorted. Some tilesets will crash you. new content will be unavailable to you. It overwrites the old .dll with the newer one and self installs the tiny bit of code into the game. You only have to click "Yes" and its in.

Happy gaming!
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